Pricing for House Cleaning (Maid) Services

Cleaning costs with My Handy Mom are very easy to control.  I charge by the labor hour and I give the customer the freedom to choose exactly the type of cleaning they would like.

  • Whole house, deep clean
  • Whole house, routine clean
  • Specific rooms, on specific cleaning days
  • One Room, deep clean in one visit
  • Whole house, routine clean, clean sheets on bed
  • Specific rooms, routine clean, pet maintenance like litterbox, bird cage
  • Kitchen, baths only, routine clean
  • You get the picture, we clean what you need cleaned

I charge $17.00 per labor hour, billed to the quarter hour.  So if it takes 3.25 hours to get through your to-do list, then I will charge you $55.25.  Some houses take exactly the same amount of time each visit and some vary depending on various circumstances.  Most houses are between 2-4 hours.  Give me a call today to set up an interview/estimate and we’ll see what your costs will be.  Don’t try to estimate how long it takes YOU to clean your house and go from there.  Timing to clean your own house and cleaning someone else’s house is VERY DIFFERENT.  We won’t have the distractions and are probably much more efficient.

You may be thinking, “what will stop her from running up the bill if I’m not home?”  I’ve been pricing my services like this since 2004 and my customers love it.  I’ve never been accused of padding the bill with extra time.  I’m very grateful for my thriving business and my customers and tactics like that would kill my business.  Way too many of my customers are referrals from other customers so they know each other.  If I cheat or upset one, there’s going to be a domino effect that will crush my business.

Call me (Tonya) at 574-216-3088 to set up your interview.

Please call me with any other questions you may have about our cleaning service like payment types, getting into the house on cleaning day, schedule openings, supplies we use, etc.