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Welcome to My Handy Mom, your local house cleaning (maid) service.

My name is Tonya Sage and I own My Handy Mom  house cleaning service in Culver.  I started my business in 2004 and have loved serving Marshall County through the years.  I do things a bit differently at My Handy Mom, I don’t follow the traditional house cleaning service business model that you’ll see most companies follow.  I like to cater to customers that DO NOT WANT:

  • a team cleaning their home, they like one person they can count on
  • a different person(s) cleaning each visit, they want to get to know they’re cleaner
  • to pay for redundant/structured visits, they would like to dictate what is cleaned and pay for time used accordingly
  • to pay fees when a visit needs to be cancelled or rescheduled
  • harsh chemicals used or have to make sure supplies are available for each visit
  • to sign a contract or make any future financial commitments

The first things prospective customers usually want to know isHow much is this going to cost me? I make it very easy.  I charge by the labor hour (to the quarter hour) and YOU decide what gets cleaned and how many labor hours your willing to pay for.  Most homes we clean take about 2-4 hours to clean.  I charge $17.00 per labor hour so most house cleanings cost $34.00 to $68.00.  Time spent at each visit can fluctuate if necessary.  Many of our customers are seniors and we cater to their very specific needs like watering plants, folding laundry, making beds, etc.  Each visit may bring a new to-do list and that’s very “ok” with us.  (Personally, I like each visit to be different, it makes me feel more helpful.)

Do you have a limited house cleaning budget but would love some extra help?

Here are some great ways to cut your cleaning costs with My Handy Mom.

  • make sure all rooms to be cleaned are picked up and in decent order
  • ask for the rooms or tasks you hate to clean be done like:
    • we only clean the kitchen and bathrooms because you like to dust and vac
    • we only clean the rooms you use daily so spare bedrooms/baths are ignored
    • we do “light” cleans like you would do on a daily basis, no time consuming deep cleaning like vacuuming furniture, cleaning baseboards, light fixtures, etc.
  • clean bi-weekly instead of weekly, most houses don’t need weekly professional cleaning if customers can spot/daily clean high traffic areas themselves.
  • regularly groom pets, pet hair can really slow down a cleaning when its on everything.
  • many customers just ask us to clean the obviously “dirty parts” with our own discretion.  We can quickly make a room look and feel much cleaner without running up the bill cleaning areas no one sees anyway.
  • organization in your home can really cut down on cleaning time and money.  Check out our Pinterest page to get some great ideas.  Click Here for Great Ideas!

Just call me (Tonya) at 574-216-3088 and we can hash out some ideas on how to get your house clean while staying within your budget.

Are you a very thorough house keeper and want EVERYTHING clean on every visit?

Don’t worry, we can handle that type of customer too!  It just takes a lot longer to clean the house, it’s up to you as to how deep we clean each visit.

  • clean washer/dryer and all the lint that accumulates around them
  • baseboards, windows, light switches, endless knick-knacks
  • inside refrigerators (outside is always done)
  • glass in exterior doors, inside and out
  • hand mop floors
  • special cleaners used for things like floors, leather furniture, special polishes, etc.

Just let us know what you expect during each house cleaning visit and we’ll make sure it gets done.

Are you ready to call me and see if My Handy Mom can help?

Great!  Just give me (Tonya) a call at 574-216-3088 and I would be happy to answer any questions you may have and schedule a free estimate.  You can also email me at

Do I clean all my houses myself? No, I’m afraid that’s not humanly possible.

My Handy Mom rotates over 35 houses, with various weekly, biweekly and monthly schedules so I have one very trusted and loyal employee names Sheila. She’s worked for me since July 2014 and I don’t know what I would do without her.  She and I each have our own assigned houses that we clean on a regular basis and we love getting to know our customers and their needs.  We both clean Monday through Friday and have scheduled houses in Culver and Plymouth so we can be a flexible as possible for our customers.